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Lot 311


(Folk Medicine). Refu'os Bikhel [Booklet of Cures]. Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish (in Hebrew characters). ff. 130-143. 8vo. * Incantation against enemies / R. El'azar Azikri. Yedid Nefesh (Hymn). Hebrew. pp. 4. 8vo. * Kabbalistic prayer to be recited after the study vigil Thursday night (from anonymous Chemdath ha-Yamim). Beseeches the arrival of Messiah son of Joseph. Hebrew. pp. 4. 8vo

(Eastern Europe): (18th Century)

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
RECIPES OF PRACTICAL KABBALAH The wisdom of Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism has long been divided into “kabbalah iyunith” (theoretical kabbalah) versus “kabbalah ma'asith” (applied or practical kabbalah). Many of the recipes in this booklet belong to the latter division; they include “seguloth” or kabbalistic charms as well as elements of folk medicine. See Eliezer Schulman, Sefath Yehudith-Ashkenazith ve-Sifruthah (Riga, 1913), pp. 208-211; E. Sosnovic, “Materialen tzu der Yiddischer Folks-Medizin” in Yiddish Filologie, Vol. I (1924), pp. 160-168, 168-176