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Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts Together With Fine Graphic and Ceremonial Art

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Lot 175


Hebrew, Greek and Latin. PSALMS). Psalterium sextuplex. Text in Hebrew with Jerome’s version and the Latin translations of Sanctes Pagninus and Felix Pratensis, arranged in four columns across facing pages. Part II with the Septuagint (first Greek) and Vulgate (first Latin) versions on facing pages. ff. (4), (196); (160). Dampstained in places, small neat marginal repair to title. Contemporary vellum. 8vo Vinograd, Lyon 1; Darlow & Moule 1415; Adams B-1372; No Complete Copy in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; no Copy in the JNUL

Lyon: Sebastian Gryphius 1530

Est: $5,000 - $7,000
One of only two Hebrew books printed in Lyon. A scholarly edition incorporating the major translations of the Book of Psalms. Jerome’s Vulgate version was completed in the 4th century and the famed Septuagint (“Translation of the Seventy Elders”) dates from the 3rd century. Several unoffical enterprises at producing a version of the Scriptures as a standard of accuracy were undertaken in the 16th century, but it was not until the Clementine Edition of 1592 that the Catholic Church accepted an authorized version. Sanctes Pagninus was one of the foremost Hebraists of the age. His greatest acheivment was his Latin version of the Bible, of which the Old Testament was the first since Jerome to be based directly on the original Hebrew. His notation of Chapter and Verse has been retained until the present day. See C. Roth, Jews in the Renaissance (1959) pp.146-9.