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Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts Together With Fine Graphic and Ceremonial Art

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Lot 108


Mikhail Dlugach. “OZED.” Encouraging membership to OZED, the autonomous Jewish agricultural, Socialist movement."Jewish farmer, every wheel the tractor turns helps the Socialist movement. Become a member of the OZED." Depicting on lower right corner, a bearded man working the land, utilizing the symbols of sickle and hammer in the forefront; a smiling, presumably Jewish young face at center and authoritarian figure on top left. Text in Russian and Yiddish. Printed in red, white and black. 470x620 mm.

Moscow, 1929.:

Est: $700 - $900
In 1924 the Russian government set up the Society for the Promotion of Jewish settlement (OZED) as an agricultural solution to the “Jewish Problem.” Established as both an economic solution as well as an assurance of the Jews' national existence - the Soviet alternative to Zionism. Jews were permitted to set up autonomous agricultural settlements with their leadership primarily from the former Jewish Socialist parties. However by 1936, the government intervened, liquidating this leadership, thus instigating the steady decline of these communities. See: EJ, XIV cols.468-471.