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Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art

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* Seder Keriah veTikun leLe’ilei Shavuoth veHoshanah Raba. Vinograd, Amsterdam 791; Fuks, Amsterdam 581. Amsterdam, Moses Mendes Coutinho, 1705. * Six others, similar. * Sha’ar Bath Rabim [prayers for the entire year]. According to Aschkenazi rite. With commentary Hadrath Kodesh by Isaac Halevi. Vinograd, Venice 1596. Venice, Bragadin, 1711-15. * Tephilah leTa’anith [Penitential prayers for Fast Days]. Vinograd, Amsterdam 1293. Amsterdam, Naphtali Hertz Levi the Physician, 1726. * Another copy. * Seder leYomim Nora’im [Prayers for the New Year and Day of Atonement]. According to Sephardi rite. Not located in Vinograd. Amsterdam, Isaac Templo, 1731. * Seder Tephilah Derech Yesharah [Prayers for the entire year]. According to Aschkenazi custom. Prepared by Yechiel Mechel Epstein. Vinograd, Amsterdam, 1609. Amsterdam, The Orphans of Solomon Proops, 1748. * Seder shel Rosh Hashana Kemingag Avignon [Prayers for the New Year]. According to the custom of Avignon. The Elkan Nathan Adler Copy. Vinograd, Amsterdam 187. Amsterdam, Naphali Hertz Levi Rofe and Son-in-law, 1765. * Seder Tephiloth Mikol Hashanah [Festival prayers]. According to the custom of Spanish and Portuguese Jews. Translated into English by David Levi. Vinograd, London 125. London, W. Justins, 1789-93. With 62 others, similar. Together, c.71 volumes.

Est: $2,000 - $3,000