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Lot 240


(Codices & Halachic works). Karo, Joseph. Shulchan Aruch [code of Jewish Law]. Vinograd, Venice 604; Haberman, di Gara 36; cf. Adams J-340. Venice, Giovanni di Gara, 1574. * Karo, Joseph. Shulchan Aruch [code of Jewish Law]. With commentary by Moses Isserles (ReM”A). Vinograd, Venice 789; Haberman, di Gara 145; Mehlman 781; cf. Adams J-341. Venice, Giovanni di Gara, 1594. * Various other editions of the Shulchan Aruch. * Luria, Solomon (MaHaRSH”L). Atereth Shlomo.BOUND WITH: Amudei Shlomo. FIRST EDITION. Vinograd, Basle 194; 201; Prijs,164; 165; not in Adams. Basle, Konrad Waldkirch, 1599, 1600. * Another copy. * Joseph of Kremnitz. Biur al Sepher Sha’arei Dura. FIRST EDITION. Vinograd, Prague 164; Mehlman 825. Prague, Moses Katz, 1609. * Palagge, Chaim. Ruach Chaim. Presentation copy. Izmir, Aaron di Sigoura, 1877. With 8 others, similar. Together, c.15 volumes.

Est: $1,500 - $2,500