AUCTION 6 | Tuesday, November 17th, 1998 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art The Property of Various Owners

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Lot 291


(1) ANVILLE, JEAN BAPTISTE D’. Palæstina by Mons. D’Anville…in June MDCCLXVII. Engraved folding map of Palestine with insets of tribal land distribution, Jerusalem and a reduced scale depiction of key locations. Wide margins, borders colored. 375x423 mm. [Laor 36]. London, 1774. (2) La Palestine par le S’ D’Anville…Wide margins, borders colored. 377x430 mm. [Laor 34]. Paris, 1767. (3) COVENS, JOHANNES & MORTIER, CORNELIS. Carte de la Terre Sainte…Engraved folding map, oriented north. Vignette of two sides of a shekel coin and other illustrations. Lower center-fold starting, weak corners. 390x460 mm. [Laor 222] Amsterdam, 1725. (4) BAUCHE, PHILIPPE. Carte Générale Pour servir á l’Intelligence de l’Histoire Sainte…Engraved folding map depicting the Middle East. Wide margins, borders colored. 250x322 mm. [Laor 138]. Paris, Dezauche, 1780-1824.

Est: $400 - $600