Birchath Avraham [sermons, with commentary to Orach Chaim]

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Fine Hebrew Printed Books Duplicates from the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

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Birchath Avraham [sermons, with commentary to Orach Chaim]

FIRST EDITION. The Mayer Sulzberger copy. 18th-century purchase notation at end ff. 361. wormed in places, signed by cenors (including Giovanni Domenico Vistorini) on last page. Later half-sheep, wormed. 4to Vinograd, Venice 435; Adams T-933

Venice: Alvise Bragadin 1552

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
Rare work, printed at a time of tension between the House of Bragadini and the rival printing establishment of Giustiniani. The ensuing litigation between the two firms eventually resulted in the tragic Papal Decree of 1553 condemning the Talmud and it’s associated literature to be burned. See H.B. Friedberg, Toldoth Hadefus Ha’ivri Be’Italia (1956) pp. 67-72