Tzemach David

AUCTION 3 | Tuesday, November 25th, 1997 at 1:00
Fine Hebrew Printed Books Duplicates from the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

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Tzemach David

FIRST EDITION. Arms of Pope Sixtus V on f.2r and heraldic crest of the de Pomis (“Min Hatapuchim”) Family ff. 297 (of 301) lacks ff. D:4, lightly stained. Modern boards. Folio Vinograd, Venice 718; Habermann, di Gara 97a; Adams P-1823

Venice: Giovanni di Gara 1587

Est: $300 - $400
Celebrated Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin and Italian dictionary presenting definitions from Kimche’s Shoroshim, Levita’s Tishbi and Nathan ben Yechiel’s Aruch, within which are numerous historical and scientific observations. Introductory pages recounts the history of the the ancient de Pomis Family, brought in chains to Italy from the Land of Israel by Emperor Titus following his annihilation of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 C.E. See C. Roth, The Jews in the Renaissance (1950) pp. 223-25