(MAYSEH BUCH. - Exampla)

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Fine Hebrew Printed Books Duplicates from the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

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(MAYSEH BUCH. - Exampla)

Alir Lei Geschichte. ff. (1), 107.* BOUND WITH: Akiva Baer ben Joseph. Ma’asei Hashem Uma’asei Nissim. ff. (1), 72. * Kirchhahn, Elchanan. Simchath Henephesh. ff. 88. * Etthausen, Alexander. Beith Yisrael Ubeith Habechirah [Biblical chronicle, with description of the Temple and its contents] ff. (3), 64. Trimmed and touch worn. Modern boards. 4to Vinograd, Amsterdam 1202, 1220, 1223, 1232. S. Zfatman, Yiddish Narrative Prose: An Annotated Bibliography (1985) no. 110; Mehlman 1423

Amsterdam: Solomon Proops 1723 and 1724

Est: $1,500 - $2,000
Four important Yiddish compendia culled from numerous sources of tales from the lives of sages, told for moral instruction. Supplemented to the first work is the rare Geliloth Eretz Yisrael by Gershon ben Eliezer Helevi of Prague. This exceptionally curious tract gives an account of the author’s travels to the Holy Land (c. 1630) and his encounters with all manner of strange beasts and other marvels. Two earlier editions (Lublin, 1635 and Fuerth, 1691) were condemned to flames by order of the Jesuits of Warsaw, opposed to the work’s encouragement of Jewish migration to the Holy Land. The second work also includes the historical traditions and legends of the glorious medieval past of the Community of Worms as recorded by Juspe Shammes