Simchath Hanephesh [“The Joy of the Soul”]

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Simchath Hanephesh [“The Joy of the Soul”]

FIRST EDITION. Text in Yiddish only, printed in Wayber-taytsch type. The Elkan Nathan Adler copy. Manuscript primer used as rear paste-down endpaper ff. (2), 98. Worn, some worming. Contemporary boards, broken. 4to Vinograd, Frankfurt a/Main 215

Frankfurt a/Main: Matthias Andrei 1707

Est: $400 - $600
Code of conduct throughout the Jewish year. Written in an exuberant style emphasizing the joys of living and enlivened with stories and ethical teachings. R. Jonathan Eyebesheutz praised the work in his Ya’aroth Devash, particularly urging women to consult it daily. See Carmilly-Weinberger, p. 181 regarding the censorship of a later edition of the Simchath Hanephesh due to the liberality of its Yiddish translation