Sepher Haroke’ach [ethics, rabbinic law and custom]

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Fine Hebrew Printed Books Duplicates from the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

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Sepher Haroke’ach [ethics, rabbinic law and custom]

FIRST EDITION ff. 108 (of 110), lacking final blank and f.3. Two leaves supplied from a shorter copy, marginal paper repairs affecting few words alon upper corners, stained, trace wormed. Recent boards, detached. Sm. folio Vinograd, Fano 12; Mehlman 954; not in Adams

Fano: (Gershom Soncino) 1505

Est: $2,000 - $3,000
The first Hebrew Book to be printed with a title page. Gershom Soncino was perhaps the most prolific printer of his time producing more than 100 Hebrew titles and as many non-Hebrew texts (using the name Hieronymus Soncino). Regarding Soncino’s years on the Adriatic coast in Fano, see M. Marx, Gershom Soncino’s Wanderyears in Italy, in HUCA Vol. XI (1936) pp. 457-59