Igereth Shmuel [commentary to the Book of Ruth, with text, and accompanied by commentary by RaSH”I]

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Fine Hebrew Printed Books Duplicates from the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America

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Lot 57

Igereth Shmuel [commentary to the Book of Ruth, with text, and accompanied by commentary by RaSH”I]

FIRST EDITION ff. (84). Variously worn in places, marginal worming affecting few words towards end. Old leather boards, crudely repaired, broken. Sm. 4to Vinograd, Const. 314; Yaari, Const. 234; Mehlman 627; M. Rosenfeld, Hebrew Printing no. 94; not in Adams

Kuru Cesme: Joseph Ascaloni for Dona Reyna, Duchess of Naxos 1597

Est: $1,500 - $2,000
Following the death in 1593 of the Constantinople-based Hebrew printer Solomon Jabez, Dona Reyna widow of the illustrious Don Joseph Nasi, used the remaining inheritance left to her following the expropriation of much of her wealth and established a printing-press in her Palace of Belvedere in nearby Orta-Koy. For reasons unclear, the press was soon transferred to Kuru-Cesme, another suburb of Constantinople. Thus, “the noble lady of noble lineage” became the first Jewish woman to establish a printing-press. And the present work became the first Hebrew book printed in Kuru Cesme. Di Uceda, the author of this commentary, directed a Talmudic Academy in Safed that had been supported by the Nasi Family for decades, indeed he journeyed to Constantinople in 1597 to prevail upon the Duchess to continue financial support. See Pierpont Morgan Library Catalogue, Hebraica from the Valmadonna Trust (1989) no. 49; A.J. Karp. From the Ends of the Earth: Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress (1991) pp. 167-69; and C. Roth, The House of Nasi-The Duke of Naxos (1948) pp. 217-19