Song of Songs.

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Song of Songs.

ff.85, vocalized Hebrew verses followed by commentary in Aramaic and Judeo-Arabic, divided into four parts (following the Passover custom), title page within 3-part textual and colored geometric frame, divisional titles with similar colored designs surrounding initial words, black ink on paper, Hebrew square script on paper. Variously stained and torn, few taped repairs with occasional loss, lacking f.2, old leather over contemporary manuscript leaves, worn, 4to

Erbil: 1797

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
Erbil, a Kurdistani town (presently situated in North-Eastern Iraq), had a continuous Jewish presence from the end of the Second Temple period until the great exodus of Iraqi Jewry to Israel in 1951. See A. Yaari, Sheluchei Eretz Yisrael p.132; EJ, VIII 1462-63.