(1883-1927). Autograph Postcard Signed written to Rabbi Shraga Gottesman.

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(1883-1927). Autograph Postcard Signed written to Rabbi Shraga Gottesman.

Written on the letterhead of R. Avraham’s father, Grand Rebbe <<Reb Shayele of Kerestir.>> Contains blessings, in the merit of his saintly father. Includes signature of the Gabbai, R. Elimelech Fishman (closely associated with Grand Rabbi Yoel of Satmar). Two pages.

Kerestir (Bodrogkeresztúr, Hungary): 8th May (postmark), c. 1926

Est: $1,500 - $2,500
R. Shayele Kerestir (1851-1925) was a disciple of R. Tzvi Hirsch Friedman of Liska who appointed him as his Shamash in 1870. Upon the death of R. Hershele, the great R. Chaim Sanzer and R. Mordechai Leifer of Nadvorno proclaimed R. Shayele as a Chassidic Rebbe. Out of deference to R. Hershele’s family, R. Shayele moved to Bodrog-Kerestir, near Miskolc in Hungary, where for the next fifty years, he became celebrated as a saintly miracle worker and astute arbitrator of disputes. His son, R. Avraham Steiner of Kerestir (1883-1927, Otzar HaRabbanim 851), succeeded his father as Rebbe of Kerestir. He continued his father's exceptional acts of kindness and hospitality. His home too was frequented by throngs of Jews from throughout Hungary, who sought his advice, amulets and salvations. After his untimely passing, his son-in-law R. Meir Yosef Rubin of Ropshitz (m. 1944) succeeded him as Rebbe of Kerestir.