(Anti-semitica). Marilyn R. Allen. America Forever.

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(Anti-semitica). Marilyn R. Allen. America Forever.

pp. 40. Original printed wrappers. Tall 8vo.

Salt Lake City: December 1947

Est: $60 - $90
Part of a monthly series under the title America Forever, this issue, is called ‘Operation “Scuttling of America.”’ Described on the title page as “a fully-documented text-book on Jew-Communist Anti-American Anti-Christian activities,” this mid-century antisemitic pamphlet quotes copiously from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to prove that Washington DC and Hollywood are colluding with the Soviet Union - where the Jews already have “a fine Jewish homeland in Birobidjan” - to destroy America and Christianity. Published just a few short months before the establishment of the State of Israel, Allen sees with alarm the emerging Jewish state. Marilyn Ross Allen (1890-1977), the author of such tomes as “Alien Minorities and Mongrelization” and “Zionist War-Mongering in the U.S.A.: A Documented Primer for the Gullible Goyim” was a mid-century exponent of a particular American brand of right wing antisemitism.