Kovetz [collected Kabbalistic texts]

AUCTION 80 | Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
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Lot 9

Kovetz [collected Kabbalistic texts]

Autograph Manuscript in Hebrew, written in a neat semi-cursive Italian hand, on paper. ff. (18 + 3 blanks). Lower blank portion of first leaf removed, Later blind-tooled sheep, covers detached. Sm. 4to.

Italy: 16th century

Est: $15,000 - $20,000
<<AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT OF ONE OF THE EARLY ITALIAN KABBALISTS>>. The manuscript contains marginal notations as well as additional notes within the body of the main text - all in the same hand, hence representing R. Ezra’s own novellae to the original mystical texts he here recorded. A disciple of the great Kabbalist Israel Sarug (himself a disciple of the Ar’i), Rabbi Ezra of Fano was mentor to R. Menachem Azariah of Fano who propagated Lurianic Kabbalistic teachings throughout Italy. R. Menachem Azariah (1548-1620) attributes R. Ezra for his depth of knowledge in Kabbalah as he noted in his introduction to Pelach Harimon: “The merit of my teacher R. Ezra… who since my youth, brought me into the courtyard of the garden of this beloved wisdom.” R. Ezra was asked to endorse many significant Halachic rulings by his rabbinic peers, a testimony to the fact that he was acknowledged to possess high standing not only among mystics, but within the framework of traditional rabbinic leadership as well. This manuscript is of the utmost importance for an understand of the dissemination in Italy of the writings of the Ar’i and how R. Menachem Azariah and his colleagues were first exposed to the Kabbalah as a whole. See M. Benayahu, R. Ezra MeFano Chacham Mekubal U’Manhig, in: Jubilee Book for J. B. Soloveitchik, pp. 786-855.