Nevi’im Acharonim [Latter Prophets]: Isaiah-end.

AUCTION 80 | Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
The Valmadonna Trust Library: Further Selections from the Historic Collection. * Hebrew Printing in America. * Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 3

Nevi’im Acharonim [Latter Prophets]: Isaiah-end.

Manuscript in Hebrew with vowel points and cantillation marks, written in two columns, 23 lines per column, in a petite semi-cursive Sephardic hand, on vellum. ff. (125). Variously stained in places, opening few leaves worn with some loss to initial leaf, f.7 almost entirely lacking, pricked on the outer margin for ruling. Modern vellum. 4to.

Iberian Peninsula (Portugal?): 15th century

Est: $30,000 - $40,000
A finely composed Book of Latter Prophets almost complete - lacking only the first 22 verses of Isaiah. The name “Yoseph” is marked on f. 107b, likely alluding to the name of the scribe. This manuscript is very similar to another Biblical text written in Lisbon toward the end of the 15th century (British Library ms. 15283). See G. Sed-Rajna, Manuscripts Hebreux de Lisbonne (Paris, 1970) pp. 74-5, no. 18.