“Sicilia Insula.”

AUCTION 77 | Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
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“Sicilia Insula.”

15 x 18 inches “Aegaei Maris Insulae Cum parte aliqua Graeciae & Asiae Minoris.” 17 x 15 inches. “Tabula Universalis Locorum quae Phoenicum Navitationibus Maxime frequentate sunt.” 15 x 18 inches. Three Copperplate maps

Caen, 1646, first edition (or later):

Est: $600 - $900
Samuel Bochart (1599-1667), was a French Protestant Bible scholar whose Geographia Sacra seu Phaleg et Canaan exerted a profound influence on 17th-century Biblical exegesis. It is one of the earliest works to focus on the history of languages. <<*>> 1. Scarce map of Sicily includes a large inset of the Sycracuse province, upper left. <<*>> 2. Map of Greece, Asia Minor and contiguous parts of the Aegean: the Balkans, Turkey, etc. <<*>> 3. This uncommon map of the ancient world shows the extent of the region the Phoenicians explored in their trading expeditions. The area ranges from Iceland to Sri Lanka. The place names are given in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.