Seder Hagadah shel Pesach - Hagada oder Erzaehling vom Auszuge aus Aegyypten.

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Seder Hagadah shel Pesach - Hagada oder Erzaehling vom Auszuge aus Aegyypten.

Edited by Leopold Stein. Hebrew and German on facing pages. Three title pages. Three sheets of musical scores (two folding). German manuscript corrections. Endpapers with Yiddish manuscript comments to the Seder service. pp. 74, 36, (3). Worn and stained in places, gutter split, one musical sheet torn. Original printed green boards, stained, broken. 8vo. Yudlov 854.

Frankfurt: J.S. Adler 1841

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
<<The first Hagadah with Reform elements.>> Leopold Stein (1810-82) was Rabbi of Burgkunstadt (Franconia) who in 1843 accepted the call to lead the Reform Community of Frankfurt. In addition to the traditional text, the Hagadah Stein prepared here also contains an abbreviated German-language New Hagadah (“Eine freie Bearbeitung der Hagada”) with freshly composed songs. This was essentially a modern dramatized account of the Seder-service featuring women’s voices, so providing a female perspective of the reported historical events. In regard to how Stein’s Hagadah reflects 19th-century sensibilities concerning contemporary political and social issues - including the role of women within the family, see B.M. Baader, Gender, Judaism and Bourgeois Culture in Germany (2006) pp. 129-31. According to Yerushalmi (pl. 96), the earliest Reform Hagadah was published in 1842 “not in Germany but in England.” Clearly the present Hagadah was unknown to him.