Extensive Collection of 28 Parliamentary Acts and Bills Pertaining to Jews Residing in Great Britain.

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Extensive Collection of 28 Parliamentary Acts and Bills Pertaining to Jews Residing in Great Britain.

<<Image of front page of each Act available upon request.>> Each unbound. 4to and sm. folio. See H.S.Q. Henriques, The Jews and the English Law (1908) and T.M. Endelman, The Jews of Britain, 1656 to 2000 (2002).

London: v.d

Est: $12,000 - $18,000
In an age prior to a single legal system that indiscriminately ruled over a population, minority ethnic and religious groups were treated differently from that of the majority. As a result, whenever a new law was passed, clarification was required whether these legal developments would extend to minorities. At other times, individual Acts pertaining to specific minorities were passed, in order to update their status or clarify an earlier law regarding them. This extensive collection of British Acts, sets out a fascinating arc wherein the emancipation of the Jews of Great Britain can be seen to ebb and flow over close to two centuries. Below is a summation of the name and content of each Act contained in this lot. <<Image of front page of each Act available upon request.>> <<* 1.>> An Act to Oblige the Jews to Maintain and Provide for their Protestant Children. (1 Anne I, c. 24). 1702. <<* 2.>> (Papist Act). Concerning taking Oaths as a non-Protestant. (10 George 1, c. 4). 1723. <<* 3.>> (Jewish Naturalization Act). An Act to permit persons professing the Jewish Religion to be naturalized by Parliament. (26 George II, c. 26). 1753. <<* 4.>> (Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage Act). An Act for the better preventing of clandestine marriages. Jews excluded from the law. (26 George II, c. 33). 1753. <<* 5.>> (Jewish Naturalization Repeal Act). Repealing the Jewish Naturalization Act. (27 George II c. 1). 1753. <<* 6.>> (Charitable Donations Act). Excluding Jewish charities from the provisions of the Act for Registering and Securing Charitable Donations. (52 George III, c. 102). 1812. <<* 7.>> (Debt of Abraham Goldsmid Act). Liquidation of debt owed by a Jew to His Majesty’s Government. (52 George III, c. 75). 1812. <<* 8.>> (Debt of Abraham Goldsmid Act). A further Act relating to the above. (I George IV, c. 42). 1820. <<* 9.>> (Marriages Act). Concerning the solemnization of marriage. Jews excluded from the law. (4 George IV, c. 76). 1823). <<* 10.>> (Marriage Act). Recognizes a Jewish wedding ceremony as legally valid. (6 William IV, c. 85). 1836. <<* 11.>> (Solemnization of Marriages Act). Reaffirmation of the lawfulness of the Jewish marriage ceremony. (3 Victoria, c. 72). 1840. <<* 12.>> (Jewish Disabilities Removal Act). Permits Jews to assume all municipal offices without having to take the required oath. (8 Victoria, c. 52). 1845. <<* 13.>> (Religious Disabilities Act). Alleviates certain faith-based restrictions; applies the law to Jews in the same way it applies to Protestant dissenters. (9 Victoria, c. 59). 1846. <<* 14.>> (Jewish Marriages Solemnization Act). Marriages of Jews solemnized before certain dates, declared valid. (10 Victoria, c. 58). 1847. <<* 15.>> (Places of Religious Worship Registration Act). Births, deaths and marriages may be registered in a Jewish house of worship. (18 Victoria, c. 81). 1855. <<* 16.>> (Liberty of Religious Worship Act). Jews to be included. (18 Victoria, c. 86). 1855. <<* 17.>> (Dissenters Marriages Act). Amending the provisions of Protestant dissenting marriages. (19 Victoria c. 119). <<* With:>> The original Bill and the subsequent First, Second and Third amended Bills. 1856. <<* 18.>> (Oaths Act). An Act to substitute one oath for the oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration. (21 Victoria, c. 48). 1858. <<* 19.>> (Jewish Relief Act). An Act to provide relief of Her Majesty’s subjects professing the Jewish religion. (It was this Act that enabled Lord Lionel Rothschild to take his seat in Parliament). (21 Victoria, c. 49). 1858. <<* 20.>> (Jewish Relief Amendment Act). An Act enabling the House of Commons to make a Standing Order for the swearing in of Jewish members. (23 Victoria, c. 63). 1860. <<* 21.>> (Parliamentary Oaths Act). An Act enabling anyone who wishes to affirm loyalty by means of a declaration instead of oath may do so. (29 Victoria, c. 19). 1866. <<* 22.>> (Qualification for Office Abolition Act). An Act Act rendering it unnecessary for Jews in official municipal roles to make and subscribe to the declaration previously mandated by law. (29 Victoria, c. 22). 1866. <<* 23.>> (Office and Oath Act). Removing certain religious disabilities affecting some of her Majesty’s Subjects. (30 Victoria, c. 75). 1867. <<* 24.>> (Workshop Regulation Act). Although an article of these Labor laws forbids the employment of women and children on Saturday after 2:00pm, an exception is made for Jewish employers who keep their place of work closed on their Sabbath, but wish to work on Saturday after sunset. They may employ women and children from sunset until 9:00pm. (30 Victoria, c. 146) 1867. <<* 25.>> (Juries Act). Exempting all ministers of registered Jewish congregations from jury duty, provided they do not practice secular professions as well. (33 Victoria, c. 77). 1870. <<* 26.>> (Workshop Regulation Bill). Exempting young persons and women of the Jewish religion from penalties for working on Sundays. 1871. <<* With:>> Amendment to said Bill. <<* 27.>> (Ballot Act). Regulating the procedure of Parliamentary and municipal elections. Allowances made for the illiterate, blind and Jews (were an election to take place on the Sabbath) to dictate their vote to the presiding officials, who would then record it. (35 Victoria, c. 33). 1872. <<* 28.>> (Factory and Workshop Act). Labor laws seeking to protect women and children, in which exceptions are made for Jews who observe the Sabbath on Saturday and wish to work on Sunday. (41 Victoria, c. 16). 1878.