82 147 (LITURGY). Sha’ar Bath Rabim [prayers for festivals]. According to Aschkenazi rite. With commentary Hadrath Kodesh by Isaac Segal of Herrlisheim. Introduction by Isaac Pacifico. Complete in two volumes. Titles within extravagant engraved borders. WIDE-MARGINED COPY ON THICKER PAPER. Signs of Zodiac on ff. 175-7. CONSIDERABLE HEBREW MARGINALIA written in a fine old Italki cursive hand especially in Vol. II, containing additions and instructions, especially seeking to specify which words to emphasize and say aloud, likely intended for a learned Hazan. Vol I: ff. 360. Vol. II: ff. 384. Dampstained in places, trace wormed. Modern uniform calf- backed marbled boards. Lg. folio. [Vinograd, Venice 1596.] Venice, Bragadin, 1711-15. $3000-5000 ❧ This extraordinarily large Machzor was printed for the use of the Hazan at the request of the Aschkenazic congregations of a number of leading Italian communities: Venice, Padua, Rovigo, Verona, Mantua, Casale Monferrato, and Gorizia. Due to the enormous expense involved in this publishing endeavor, preceding the volume’s customary rabbinic endorsements, two Italian magisterial documents appear, providing copyright protection for twelve years. In his commentary, R. Isaac Segal, who served as cantor in the town of Herrlisheim, not only reflects upon the texts of the prayers, but also provides a compilation of laws and customs based upon Aschkenazic source material. Segal defends the recitation of the somewhat controversial piyut Malachei Rachamim – that beseeches God via the mediation of angels. The issue is treated at length by R. Isaac Lampronti in his encyclopedic work, Pachad Yitzchak, s.v. tzerachav. For a full discussion, see S. Sprecher “HaPulmus al Amirath Machnisei Rachamim” in: Yeshurun, Vol. III (1997) pp. 706-29. 148 (LITURGY, SPANISH). Seder Tephiloth… KeMinhag K.K. Sephardim / Orden de las Oraciones Cotidianas en Hebraico y Romance [daily prayers]. According to the Sephardic rite. DELUXE COPY, PRINTED ENTIRELY ON BLUE PAPER. Hebrew and Spanish on facing pages. Prepared by Ishac de Souza Britto. Engraved title by A. Santcroos depicting the Sacrifice of Isaac. Approbation of Haham Shelomo Salem. Dedication by the Editor to the magnate and art connoisseur Moses de Aaron de Pinto. List of subscribers. On ff. 8v, 9r, 270v and 271r Proop’s printer device of hands extended in Priestly Benediction (Yaari, Hebrew Printers Marks, no. 120). ff. (1), 5, 271. Lightly stained, new endpapers. Contemporary vellum, stained, modern morocco spine labels. 8vo. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 2020; Kayserling, p. 61.] Amsterdam, Joseph, Jacob & Abraham, Sons of the late Solomon Proops, 1772. $1500-2000 ❧ RARE, BIBLIOPHILIC EDITION. PRINTED ENTIRELY ON BLUE PAPER. See Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library - Otzroth Ya’akov, Colored Paper no. 48. Lot 148 Lot 147