79 143 (LITURGY). Tephilah kephi Minhag Roma [prayers for the entire year]. According to Roman rite. The Israel Mehlman copy with his notes on opening paste-down. ff. 282 (of 352). Variously stained, many leaves remargined. Many leaves provided in facsimile (collation available upon request). Modern calf. Thick 12mo. [Vinograd, Bologna 9; Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. no. 2074, col. 307.] Bologna, Company of Silk Weavers, 1537-38. $2000-3000 ❧ NO COMPLETE PAPER COPY OF THIS MACHZOR IS EXTANT. For the vellum issue see Pierpont Morgan Library Catalogue, Hebraica from the Valmadonna Trust (1989) no. 27. The second of only nine books printed by the Jewish Silk Weaver’s Guild who operated a Hebrew Press at Bologna between 1537 and 1540. Each work was beautifully prepared, a tribute to the involvement of Jewish artisans and craftsmen in the formative years of Hebrew printing. See S.C. Reif, Judaism and Hebrew Prayer (1993) pp. 164-66; Amram, The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy, pp. 232-35. 144 (LITURGY). Machzor. According to Roman rite. With Kimcha De’Avishona by Yochanan Treves and commentaries by Ovadiah Sforno and Moses Maimonides. Two volumes. Titles within elaborate frames, many initial letters within cartouches. Finely composed manuscript leaf added as the third to last folio of Vol. I comprising an elegy in accordance with the custom of community of Ferrara. Many marginal notes, especially in Vol. 11 in which additional piyutim are transcribed. Vol. I: ff. 200. * Vol. II: ff. 189. Variously stained in places, several leaves remargined, new endpapers. Later calf, expertly rebacked. Folio. [Vinograd, Bologna 16.] Bologna, Menachem ben Abraham of Modena & Partners, 1540. $4000-6000 ❧ Prayers for the entire year, including Passover Hagadah, Ethics of the Fathers along with the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Jonah and Ecclesiastes and various laws relating to birth, family purity, marriage, burial, etc. Includes the first appearance of Treves’s commentary elucidating the subject matter of the prayers and the meaning and derivation of phrases. For a thorough, scholarly discussion of this Roman rite, see Samuel David Luzzatto, Mavo LeMachzor Bnei Roma, with notes and additional material by Daniel Goldschmidt and a bibliography by Y. Y. Cohen (Tel-Aviv, 1966). Lot 144 Lot 143