78 ❧ THE SONCINO MACHZOR, THE VERY FIRST HEBREW PRINTED PRAYER BOOK. “This magnificent incunable is one of Soncino’s most outstanding productions. It is the first book fully vocalised and with woodcut headings all the way through the text. It is the only book printed in Casal Maggiore and took an entire year to print due to the complexity of the contents.” (Wineman Catalogue, no. 21). The Roman rite, also known as the Italian, or “Lo’azim” rite, is rich in multifaceted piyutim. It originated in early medieval Rome and maintained a distinct identity. For a thorough, scholarly discussion of this rite, see Samuel David Luzzatto: Mavo LeMachzor Bnei Roma (1966). See also the facsimile of this Machzor with companion volume of studies, ably edited by Angelo Piattelli (Jerusalem, 2012). See Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library - Otzroth Ya’akov, Incunables no. 19.