77 142 (LITURGY). Machzor [prayers for the entire year]. According to Roman rite. FIRST EDITION. Two volumes. * Vol. I: Weekday, Sabbath, Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah, Purim, Four Parshiyoth, Pesach, (including Passover Hagadah), Ethics of the Fathers Shavu’oth, Fast Days, Tisha B’Av and Shabbath Nachamu. * Vol. II: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukoth, Simchath Torah and related laws and customs. Prayers are printed in square type, instructions and laws are printed in rabbinic type. Initials floriated; the word “Matzah” in the Hagadah is floriated on a round seder plate (Vol. I on quire 9, 8a); initial “Hoshanah” (on quire 15, 5b) floriated and between fleur-de-lis devices. * Vol. I: ff. 155 (of 166). ff. 1, 6, 99-104, 116, 153, 166 provided in facsimile; f. 163 provided from the Fano edition. * Vol. II: ff. 146 (of 154). ff. 147-54 provided in facsimile. A made-up copy, many leaves remargined, variously stained, previous owner’s notations, wine and wax stains in Hagadah section, few paper repairs, few words lost on opening leaf of Vol. II. Modern uniform blind-tooled calf. Housed in custom slip-case. Sm. folio. * Six leaves from the Fano Machzor are appended at the end of Vol. I. [Vinograd, Soncino 12; Goff Heb-73; Offenberg 83; Steinschneider, col. 393, no. 2576; Thes. A-37; Iakerson 30; Y. Yudlov, HaMachzorim HaRishonim Keminhag Roma in: Kiryath Sepher Vol. 64, (1992-93) pp. 1435-48.] Soncino-Casal Maggiore, Soncino, 1485-6. $50,000-60,000