73 134 KOLON, JOSEPH. ( MaHaRY”K). Shailoth U’Teshuvoth [responsa]. Second edition. Title within architectural arch. ff. (12), 173 (i.e. 172). Lightly browned, dampwrinkled, signed by censors at end. Modern calf. Folio. [Vinograd Cremona 17; Mehlman 773.] Cremona, Vincenzo Conti, 1557. $700-900 ❧ With an improved index not included in the first edition, based upon the work of R. Chiya Meir ben David (editor of Bomberg’s Talmud), according to the order of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah and with general notes relating to Minhag. The MaHaRY”K (1420-80) was the foremost Talmudic scholar during the second half of the 15th-century whose opinions on Halachic matters were sought across the European Continent. 135 LEVITA, ELIJAH BACHUR. Opusculum Recens Hebraicum… Sepher HaTishbi [lexicon of Hebrew words in the Talmud, Midrash and Hebrew of the Middle-Ages] FIRST EDITION. Text in Hebrew and Latin with numerous words in Yiddish and Judeo-Italian. Hebrew title page follows the Latin introduction. Latin initials historiated. Fagius’ woodcut device on last leaf. Marginalia. A WIDE- MARGINED COPY. pp. (24), 271 (i.e. 378), (5). Under-linings, some dampstaining. Modern crushed morocco. 4to. [Vinograd, Isny 9.] Isny, Paulus Fagius, 1541. $800-1200 ❧ A typically thorough linguistic investigation by this remarkable Hebrew philologist. This copy contains the rare page (151) discussing Christological issues that was excised from most all copies. See Heller, The Sixteenth Century Hebrew Book, p. 261. Lot 134 Lot 135