65 121 KARO, JOSEPH Shulchan Aruch [code of Jewish law]. With commentary by Moses Isserles (ReM”A). Four parts (from two different Cracow editions) bound into one volume. Each part with individual title set within arch. Scholarly marginalia and early ownership inscriptions. * Part I: Orach Chaim. ff. 201 (i.e. 110). Cracow, 1585-86. * Part II. Yoreh Deah. ff. 114. Cracow, 1583-84. * Part III: Choshen Mishpat. ff. 136. Cracow, 1593. * Part IV: Even Ha’ezer. ff. 66. Cracow, 1593. Variously stained, browned, upper corners of several leaves repaired affecting text. Modern elaborately blind-tooled calf (identifying editions are erroneously recorded on spine). Housed in custom slip-case. Folio. [Vinograd Cracow 88 and 163.] Cracow, Isaac Prostitz, 1583-1586, 1593. $10,000-15,000 ❧ THIS EDITION OF THE ORACH CHAIM IS UNRECORDED BY VINOGRAD. The Rem”a is considered to be the greatest Halachic authority and codifier in Poland. His contemporaries looked to him as the “Maimonides of Polish Jewry” in his methodical approach, manner of study, character and humility. These glosses to Yoseph Karo’s Shulchan Aruch are also known as the ”Mapah” - or, “Table-cloth” to Yoseph Karo’s “Prepared Table.” It resulted in the universal acceptance of the the Shulchan Aruch in both Aschkenazic and Sephardic hemispheres. The Rema’s contribution added supplements, explanations and Aschkenazic / Polish customs and practices pertaining to all walks of life, which were not included, or differed from the practices cited by Yoseph Karo. The Rema’s rulings are considered binding on Aschkenazic Jews worldwide.