63 116 JOSEPH BEN GORION (Commonly and erroneously attributed to). Yosippon [historical narrative of the Second Temple period]. Yiddish text printed in Wayber-taytsch type. Woodcut illustrations throughout. Two volumes (mixed set). ff. (1), 244, (1), 151. Browned, some wear. Modern calf and contemporary vellum; housed together in slip-case. 8vo. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 2002; M.H. Gans, Memorbook (1977) p. 185 no. 5 (illustrated)] Amsterdam, Koschmann b. Joseph Baruch, 1771. $500-700 ❧ Two-part edition, sub-titled Kether Kehunah and Kether Malchuth - also known as She’erith Yisrael. The second part written by Menachem Mann Amelander continues the historical chronicle from the fall of Masada to the writer’s own era of 18th century Holland. Amelander garnered material from both Jewish and general historical sources, resulting in a work unusually rich in information regarding the history of Jews in Germany, Poland and especially Holland. The She’erith Yehudah is “the most important work of all of Old-Yiddish historiographical literature.” Zinberg p. 233. 117 (KABBALAH). Nathan Nata Hanover. Sha’arei Tzion [a collection of mystical prayers, religious customs and ascetic reflections]. Title surrounded by florets. ff. 52. Light wear, corners neatly repaired. Modern calf-backed marbled boards, corners vellum. [Vinograd, Prague 584.] Prague, Grandchildren of Moses Katz, 1688. $500-700 ❧ Nathan Nata Hanover (d. 1683), a native of Volhynia, survived the notorious Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-9 and recorded the atrocities in his woeful chronicle “Yeven Metzulah” (Venice, 1653). In Italy, where he sought refuge, he made the acquaintance of the great Kabbalists of the time: Moses Zacuto, Hayyim Cohen, Nathan Spira, and Benjamin HaLevi. In the present work, Sha’arei Zion (first ed. 1662), Hanover recorded for posterity the Lurianic traditions he imbibed from these men, his work in turn becoming immensely popular, serving as a conduit for Kabbalistic traditions. 118 KALISCHER, YECHIEL MICHEL BEN ARYEH LEIB SEGAL. Sha’arei Shamayim [philosophical sermons, poems and eulogies]. FIRST EDITION. Previous owner’s marks including signatures of ISH-GER (Joseph Solomon Graziano); f.4 with Prague purchase details. ff. 104. Browned, neat paper repairs on title. Modern blind-tooled calf. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Prague 503.] Prague, Sons of Judah Bek, 1675. $600-900 ❧ Comprised of eighteen sections, including novellae from the author’s uncle, the MaHaRSH’A. Lot 117 Lot 116