62 114 JACOB BEN ASHER. (Tur) Even Ha’Ezer. With commentary by R. Yoseph Karo (second edition). Printer’s device on title (Yaari, Hebrew Printers’ Marks, no. 32). ff. 232. Lightly browned, final leaf taped. Modern blind-tooled crushed morocco. Folio. [Vinograd, Venice 499.] Venice, Giorgio di Cavalli, 1565. $1000-1500 ❧ Cavalli’s competitor di Gara also issued a Tur Even Ha’Ezer in the same year of 1565. 115 JAFFE, MORDECHAI. Levush Atereth Zahav Gedolah [commentary on Tur Yoreh De’ah]. BOUND WITH: Levush Ir Shushan [commentary on Tur Choshen Mishpat] Two parts (of four) bound in one volume. Two titles each within historiated architectural borders. ff. 192 and 192. Opening title and final two leaves repaired, browned and stained. Modern calf. Folio. [Vinograd, Prague 314 and 315.] Prague, Moses Katz, 1624. $1000-1500 ❧ Mordechai Jaffe (c. 1535-1612), a native of Prague, studied in his youth in Poland under the greatest scholars of the day, R. Solomon Luria (Maharsha”l) and R. Moses Isserles (Ram”a). In subsequent years, he would sojourn in Italy and once again in Poland before finally returning to his native Prague in 1592, at which time he succeeded the famed R. Judah Löw (Mahara”l) as Av Beth Din. In most of Europe, the “Levush” was studied as a supplement to the Shulchan Aruch and Mappah. In Prague, however, it was studied as the most fundamental, authoritative text of the halacha and remains to this day one of its mainstays - especially of the Aschkenazic tradition. Lot 115 Lot 114