60 111 (ITALY). Seder HaHa’arachah VeHanhagah [communal tax regulations and obligations for the years 1651-54]. Title within architectural arch. Endorsed by Rabbis Yechiel b. Yedidya Solomon Norzi, David b. Israel Yechezkel and David b. Eliakim HaLevi. Uncut copy. ff. (6). Uncut. Few stains. Modern calf. 4to. [Vinograd, Mantua 423.] Mantua, Raphael Chaim d’Italia, (1651-53). $600-900 ❧ From the beginning of the 16th century the Mantuan Community organized its financial obligations through the levying of taxes. These tax regulations chart the economic changes of Mantuan Jewry and the kinds of property and income that were taxable. Every three years taxes of the Jewish community would be reviewed after which a new set of regulations were published. The present edition, published by the Va’ad HaKelali (Community Council) covers the period from January, 1651 until December, 1654. See S. Simonsohn, History of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua (1977) pp. 375-90. 112 JACOB BEN ASHER. Arba’ah Turim [Rabbinic Code of Law] Fragment of two leaves only (of 408). Two-thirds of second leaf present, both leaves laid to size. Loose in modern folder. Folio. [Vinograd, Const. 1; Yaari, Const. 1; Goff Heb-49; (5 copies of which 3 are imperfect); Offenberg 63; Steinschneider p. 1182, no. 5500.3; Thes. C-1; Mehlman, Genuzot Sepharim, p. 104.] Constantinople, David and Samuel ibn Nachmias, 1493. $1000-2000 ❧ THE TUR WAS THE FIRST BOOK TO BE PRINTED IN ANY LANGUAGE IN SOUTH-EAST EUROPE AND THE NEAR EAST. IT WAS THE ONLY HEBREW INCUNABLE TO BE PRINTED IN CONSTANTINOPLE. Lot 111