54 99 IBN GABIROL, SOLOMON. Mivchar HaPeninim [“Choicest of Pearls” - ethics] Third edition. ff. 40. Few neat repairs. Modern elaborate gilt-tooled tan morocco. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Cremona 22, Mehlman 945.] Cremona, Vincenzo Conti, 1558. $500-700 100 IBN MELECH, SOLOMON. Michlol Yofi [linguistic commentary to the Bible]. FIRST EDITION. Title within ornamental woodcut border. Double columns. Key words provided with nikud (vowel points). Signatures including Yehudah Aryeh Halevi of Bamberg; learned marginalia in a few hands. (ff. 192). Discolored, stained in places. Modern morocco, housed in slip-case. Folio. [Vinograd, Const. 199; Yaari, Const. 148.] Constantinople, Moses ben Eliezer Parnas HaRofe, 1548-49. $1200-1800 ❧ Michlol Yofi incorporates much of David Kimchi’s Sepher HaShorashim, to the extent of co-opting some of Kimchi’s translations to French (or rather Provencal). 101 IBN SHEM TOV, SHEM TOV BEN JOSEPH. Derashoth HaTorah [sermons to the Pentateuch]. Third edition. Title within architectural arch. f. 81. Foxed, censored in places. Modern blind-tooled calf. Folio. [Vinograd, Padua 2.] Padua, Lorenzo Pasquato, 1567. $600-900 ❧ Though a prolific author of philosophic works, only two works by ibn Shem Tov (Spain, 15th century) were published - the present Derashoth HaTorah and the commentary to Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed - which continues to this day to be reprinted in standard editions of the Guide. Derashoth HaTorah cites abundantly from the author’s predecessors: Sa’adyah, Rashi, ibn Ezra, Nachmanides, Gersonides - with constant referral to the Guide (“HaMoreh”). Appended are several sermons on the theme of Repentance (Derash LeTeshuvah). Despite the ancient presence of the University - one of the great institutions of learning in Europe - only two Hebrew books were printed in Padua throughout the 16th-century. See Amram, The Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy, pp. 338-41 and 387-88. Lot 99 Lot 101 Lot 100