52 95 (IBERIAN / SEPHARDIC LITERATURE). Isaac de Acosta. Conjeturas Sagradas sobre los Prophetas Primeros. FIRST EDITION. Title within architectural arch. Final page with signature of Signora Ricca Abudraham. pp. (8), 906. Lightly stained. Modern boards. Lg. 4to. Leiden, Thomas van Ge’el, 1722. $800-1200 ❧ A paraphrase of the Early Prophets including the major rabbinic Biblical commentators. 96 (IBERIAN / SEPHARDIC LITERATURE). Mordecai de Abraham de Soria. Oracion Panejirico Doctrinal Sobre la Mala Tentacion[oration about the Evil Inclination…recited by a disciple of the Author on the day that he entered Bar Mitzvah, the first day of Sukoth]. FIRST EDITION. Spanish interspersed with Hebrew. pp. 216. Foxed and stained, previous owner’s marks, upper corners of pp. 27-32 removed affecting a few letters. Contemporary calf-backed boards, worn. 8vo. [Kayserling p. 104.] Livorno, Juan Pablo Fantechi, 1751. $500-700 ❧ A sophisticated (and lengthy!) Bar-Mitzvah speech, in which, among other topics, the symbolism of the Tabernacle festival’s Four Species is presented (pp. 126-144). In what appears an original interpretation, the author maintains that the ethrog represents the First Cause, the lulav the Angelic World, the hadas the Spheres, and finally, the aravah or willow branch the Terrestrial or Sublunar realm (p. 140). That the book is in Spanish rather than Italian is not at all surprising, for the majority Sephardim of Livorno were still Portuguese and Spanish speaking until the beginning of the 19th-century. Kayserling notes with consternation that Church officials found fault with this text and placed it on the Index of 1755. Lot 96 Lot 95 Lot 94