51 92 (IBERIAN / SEPHARDIC LITERATURE). Moses Altaras. Libro de Mantenimiento de la Alma. FIRST EDITION of this translation of Joseph Karo’s Shulchan Aruch. Title within architectural arch. Bookplate of Irma Roth on verso of title-page. ff. 175, (2). Few stains. Modern gilt-ruled crushed morocco. 4to. [Vinograd, Venice 1059.] Venice, Baldisera Bonibelli, 1609. $4000-6000 ❧ Prepared by the rabbi of the Spanish Synagogue of Venice, ‘The Book for the Maintenance of the Soul’ is an abbreviated, Spanish translation of the Shulchan Aruch, the primary text of Jewish law - the first time it appeared in the vernacular (in Latin characters). 93 (IBERIAN / SEPHARDIC LITERATURE). Isaac Atias (Athias). Tesoro de Preceptos donde se encierran Las joyas de los Seys cientos y treze Preceptos que encomendó el Señor a su Pueblo Israel. FIRST EDITION. Spanish text interspersed with Hebrew. Two parts in one volume.The Mayer Sulzberger copy with his bookplate (Provenance: Christie’s, 5.22.86 lot 32). ff. (6), 20, (6), 256, (10). Ex-library, foxed and stained. Modern tan morocco. Housed in custom slip-case. 4to. [Palua 19333; Kayserling, p. 15.] Venice , Giovanni Caleoni, 1627. $5000-7000 ❧ A disciple of Isaac Uziel in Amsterdam, Isaac Atias was Haham of the first Portuguese-Jewish congregation in Hamburg, before accepting the call in 1622 to serve as rabbi of Venice where he later died. See JE, Vol. II, p. 268. Following the lead of Maimonides in his Sepher HaMitzvoth, the author has divided this important work into two parts: The first, an enumeration of the 248 positive precepts; the second, an enumeration of the 365 negative precepts. In the Prologue, Athias explicitly refers to his Marrano brethren as the ”noblest nation of Spain” who have been punished with ”exile, calamities, death and excessive suffering… and whose majority number have been miserably buried in the darkness of perdition until the Lord assisted them and they returned to adore his blessed service.” 94 (IBERIAN / SEPHARDIC LITERATURE). Joseph Karo. Shulchan HaPanim [Jewish Law]. Translated into Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) by Meir ibn Yair Meiri. Title within historiated architectural border depicting Moses and Aaron. ff. 184. Title neatly repaired, worn and stained. Modern morocco. 4to. [Vinograd, Venice 1616.] Venice, Bragadin, 1713. $500-700 Lot 93 Lot 92