48 84 (HAGADAH. Hagadah shel Pesach. With commentary by Isaac Abrabanel and “Bi’urim” (synopses of commentaries of Ma’aseh Hashem, Mateh Aharon and Chevel B’nei Yehudah). Instructions in both Judeo-Español and Judeo-German. Letterpress title and additional engraved title depicting Moses and Aaron beneath vignette of Moses and the Burning Bush. 16 copper-plate engravings throughout the text. WIDE-MARGINED FOLDING MAP OF THE HOLY LAND. This copy with strong impressions of the engraved illustrations. ff. (1) 31, (1). Lightly stained, marginal repairs. Modern gilt-ruled polished calf. Housed in custom slip-case. Folio. [Yudlov 120; Yaari 73; Yerushalmi, 66-9.] Amsterdam, Solomon Proops, 1712. $4000-6000 ❧ THE SECOND ILLUSTRATED AMSTERDAM HAGADAH. Changes were undertaken in producing this Amsterdam 1712 edition following the first Amsterdam edition (1695). Most significantly, this included the addition of two series of vignettes in the style of the earlier Venetian Hagadah - namely, the various stages of the Seder (f. 2r) and the Ten Plagues (f. 13r). See C. Roth, Printed Illuminated Haggadoth in: Aresheth, Vol. II pp. 22-4. 85 (HAGADAH). Chukath HaPesach. Prefaced by “Ke’arath Keseph,” a lengthy panegyric by R. Joseph Ezovi of Perpignan; prayers and readings for the month of Nissan and for the night of Passover; Passover Hagadah; and finally, Pirkei Avoth (Ethics of the Fathers). Edited by R. Abraham Ankawa. ff. 84. Closely shaved, light stains, burn mark on two leaves, trace wormed. Modern calf-backed marbled boards. 12mo. [Yudlov, 861; Halevy 12.] Jerusalem, Israel ben Abraham (Bak), 1843. $1500-2000 ❧ THE SECOND JERUSALEM HAGADAH. (The first edition appeared a year prior). Carries the Haskamah of Chief Rabbi Haim Avraham Gaguine of Jerusalem who commends the man responsible for bringing the book to press, one Reuben of Damascus. Lot 84 Lot 85