42 75 FLORENTIN, SOLOMON. Doresh Mishpat [index to Tur Choshen Mishpat and its commentators]. FIRST EDITION. ff. 37. Modern boards. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Salonika 192.] Salonika, Abraham Hager, 1655. $500-700 ❧ The Florentin family of Salonika produced some of the most prominent Rabbis and scholars of 16th-17th century Greece. 76 FRANCHI, GUGLIELMO. Shemesh Lashon HaKodesh - Sole della Lingua Santa. Two folding grammatical charts. An uncut copy. ff. 415. Foxed and stained. Later limp boards, modern slip-case. 4to. Bergamo, Comino Ventura, 1591. $500-700 ❧ This work represents the first appearance of Hebrew printing in this ancient walled city located in Lombardy, Northern Italy. This edition unknown to M. Rosenfeld in his Gazetteer of Hebrew Printing (1992) who records only a later, 1603 edition (see no. 30). 77 GIKATILLA, JOSEPH. Sha’arei Orah [kabbalah]. FIRST EDITION. Initial letters of title within decorative vignettes, initial word of text within historiated woodcut frame. Occasional marginalia. ff. 84. Trimmed, discolored, few light stains. Modern paneled morocco decorated in the blind and with gilt lozenges. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Riva 34.] Riva di Trento, (Jacob Marcaria the Physician), 1559-61. $1000-1500 Riva di Trento, (Jacob Marcaria the Physician), 1559-61. Lot 77 ❧ Joseph Gikatilla (Chiquatilla) (1248- c.1325) was a disciple of the founder of the School of “Prophetic Kabbalah,” Abraham Abulafia, and close colleague of Moses de Leon of Guadalajara. Throughout the centuries, Sha’arei Orah, has been regarded as a first-rate guide to the systematic presentation of the “Sephiroth” (Divine emanations) and their code names. The work has subsequently been translated into European languages. Lot 76 Lot 75