39 69 DURAN, SHIMON BEN TZEMACH. Sepher HaTaSHBe”TZ [responsa]. Appended: “Chut HaMeshulash” [responsa by later Algerian authorities: Solomon Duran, Solomon Serour and Abraham ibn Tawah] FIRST EDITION. Four parts in one volume. Opening title within ornamental woodcut featuring lions, foliage and crown. Divisional titles. ff. (12), 91; (1), 69, (1); 68, (1); (1), 36, (2), 39-83, (1), 85-101, (1). Ex-library, lightly browned. Modern half-calf over marbled boards. Folio. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 1490.] Amsterdam, Naphtali Herz Levi Rophé, 1738. $400-600 ❧ In 1391, R. Shimon b. Zemach (1361-1444) fled his native Spain (Isle of Majorca) for Algiers, where he became one of the foremost halachic decisors of North African Jewry. 70 EGOZI, MENACHEM. Gal shel Egozim [expositions on the Book of Genesis]. FIRST EDITION. ff. (62). Lightly stained in places, natural paper faults, f. 29 remargined. Modern morocco. Sm. folio. [Vinograd, Const. 306.] Belvedere, Constantinople, Joseph Ascaloni for Dona Reyna, Duchess of Naxos, (c.1593-95). $4000-6000 ❧ Following the death in 1593 of the Constantinople-based Hebrew printer Solomon Jabez, Dona Reyna, widow of the illustrious Don Joseph Nasi, and daughter of Dona Gracia, had much of her wealth expropriated from her. However, the remaining inheritance was used to establish a printing-press in her Palace of Belvedere in nearby Orta-Koy. For reasons unclear, the press was soon transferred to Kuru-Cesme, another suburb of Constantinople. Thus, “the noble lady of noble lineage” became the first Jewish woman to establish a printing-press. Menachem Egozi, the Turkish Talmudist and author of this work also served as an editor for the press at Belvedere. See: C. Roth, The House of Nasi-The Duke of Naxos (1948) pp. 217-19. Lot 69 Lot 70