34 61 BONAFOS, MENACHEM. (Also called Bonafoux, Abraham of Perpignan). Sepher HaGedarim - Michlal Yofi [“Book of Definitions.”] FIRST EDITION. With introduction and notes by Isaac ben Moses ibn Aroyo. Final section contains Pirkei Hatzlacha ascribed to Maimonides. Ya’avetz-style florets on title. A WIDE-MARGINED COPY. ff. 50. Previous owners’ marks on title-page including signature of Dovid Halevi Horovitz, paper repairs to final leaf affecting a few letters, stained in places. Modern crushed morocco. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Salonika 71.] Salonika, (Solomon and Joseph Ya’avetz), 1567. $3000-4000 ❧ Offers precise definitions of Hebrew technical terms that appear in philosophical and scientific literature, particularly, Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed. See M.J. Heller, The Sixteenth Century Hebrew Book, pp. 590-1. 62 BUXTORF, JOHANNES. Concordantiæ Bibliorum Hebraicæ [Biblical concordance]. Title within architectural arch. Previous owners’ signatures on title. Two margins of title-page cut very close, stamp removed. Contemporary vellum, stained. Lg. folio. [Prijs, Basle 234.] Basle, Ludwig König, 1632. $300-500 Lot 62 Lot 61