31 56 (BIBLE, Hebrew). Kehiloth Moshe. With numerous commentaries including Ralbag, Chizkuni, Sforno, Imrei Noam, Kometz HaMincha, Minchath Ketana, Minchath Erev, etc. FIRST EDITION of Kometz Hamincha, Minchah Ketana, Minchath Erev. Edited by R. Moshe Frankfurter. Complete in four volumes. PRINTED ON FINE, REGALE PAPER; 14 decorative woodcut initial word panels. Minor scattered staining. Edges tinted red. Contemporary tooled diced morocco over heavy wooden boards. Clasps and catches lacking; elaborate central medallions on upper and lower boards. Elephant folio. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 1242] Amsterdam, Moses Frankfurter, 1724-27. $4000-6000 ❧ The seventh Biblia Rabbinica. The first Rabbinic Bible to be produced solely by Jews and by far, the most elaborate and technically superior version of the Rabbinic Bible. In addition to the standard Biblical text, Kehiloth Moshe encompasses some thirty- six separate commentaries as well as the complete introductions of the various exegetes to each of their works, a feature often omitted in both earlier and later editions. Kehiloth Moshe contains sixteen previously unpublished commentaries, from the first post- medieval exegetical inclusions in a Rabbinic Bible to a host of later writers, including many of Sephardic and Levantine background. It includes numerous features such as indices to chapters of Talmudic tractates, massorah magna and parva and massoretic variations between Ben Asher and Ben Naftali. The multiple prefaces and afterwords included by the editor as well as his proofreaders in many of the volumes detail the process of acquiring new commentaries and describe the difficulties of bringing such a massive undertaking to fruition. AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE COPY.