24 42 (BIBLE, Hebrew & Aramaic. Pentateuch, Haphtaroth and Five Scrolls). Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe. With Targum Onkelos on facing pages (Chumash only). With Nikud. Initial word of each Book within woodcut device. (ff. 399, 57, 3). Incomplete copy with 41 leaves supplied in facsimile (detailed collation available upon request). Expert paper repairs, variously worn and stained. Modern crushed morocco, housed in luxe solander- box. 16mo. [Vinograd, Venice 542; Habermann, di Gara 6.] Venice, Giovanni di Gara, 1567. $2000-3000 ❧ An early and most scarce production from the nascent di Gara press. Lot 42 Lot 41 Lot 40