107 198 (SONCINO PRESS). Pacifico Massimi. Opera. FIRST EDITION. Edited by Angelo Colocci. Contains: Lucretia (I-II) and Virginia (I-II). ff. (65). Lightly stained, few neat paper repairs. Later vellum. Sm. 8vo. [Manzoni, Annali Tipografici dei Soncino 18.] Fano, Hieronymus (Gershom) Soncino, 1506. $800-1200 199 (TALMUD, BABYLONIAN). Masechta Baba Bathra. With commentaries by Rashi, Tosaphoth and Piskei Tosaphoth. Textural diagrams. ff. 165 (of 232), lacking title, text and with final leaves of commentary Chikur Dinei Baba Bathra published after Piskei Tosaphoth. Stained, previous owner’s signature on f. 3, scattered marginalia, a few leaves repaired affecting text, marginal repairs. Later tooled calf. Folio. [Vinograd, Pesaro 12; Rabbinovicz, Ma’amar al HaDepassath HaTalmud pp. 21-24; Heller, Printing the Talmud pp. 107, 119.] Pesaro, Gershom Soncino, (1510-11). $2000-3000 ❧ This Pesaro tractate has a number of distinguishing features that differ from standard editions. Whereas the standard edition contains ff. 176 (following Bomberg), this edition has a different pagination. The remark found on f. 29a in the standard edition: “Until here the commentary of Rashi, from here on the commentary of R. Samuel b. Meir (Rashbam)” reads in this edition simply as: “Here Rashi died” (f. 26a). This is followed by a brief commentary quite unlike the lengthy comments of the Rashbam. Rabbinovicz felt that this was so important, he reproduced its page to “publicize it to the world” (pp. 21-22 n. 19). The Rashbam’s commentary begins here much later (equivalent to f. 54b of the standard edition) and has many important textual variants (see Rabbinovicz p. 22). Another Pesaro Talmud Tractate in the possession of the Valmadonna Trust Library was exhibited in the Pierpont Morgan Library, see their catalogue: Hebraica from the Valmadonna Trust (1989) no. 17. Lot 199 Lot 198