106 195 SOLOMON IBN ADRET (RaSHB”A). Shailoth U’Teshuvoth [responsa] ff. 192. Variously stained in places. Inscriptions and signatures on title. Modern gilt-tooled morocco. Folio [Vinograd, Venice 255; Mehlman 694.] Venice, Giustiniani-Adelkind, 1545-46. $600-900 ❧ Numbering over three thousand in total, the RaSHB”A answered all of his responsa directly, and without unnecessary pontification. In addition to halachic questions, which are the majority of the work, the RaSHB”A also dealt with philosophical and theological concerns, shining a light on the spiritual status of Spanish Jewry of the time. 196 SOLOMON IBN ADRET (RaSHB”A). Torath HaBayith Ha’Aruch [Rabbinic law]. With critical commentary “Bedek HaBayith” by Aaron HaLevi of Barcelona and the author’s response “Mishmereth HaBayith.” Second edition. PRINTED ON BLUE-GREEN PAPER. Title within architectural arch. R. Jonathan Eybescheutz association copy (see below). ff. 31. Stamp on title of David Feldmann, rabbi of Leipzig. Modern calf-backed marbled boards. Folio. [Vinograd, Prague 847.] Prague, Grandsons of Moshe Katz, 1735. $600-900 ❧ RARE, BIBLIOPHILIC EDITION. PRINTED ENTIRELY ON COLORED PAPER. Final blank, inscribed in French: “Monsieur Jonathan Eibechitz, Grand Raby des Juifs de la ville Metz, de la ville Prague, Predector.” See Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library - Otzroth Ya’akov, Colored Paper no. 43. 197 (SONCINO PRESS). Francesco Petrarch. Opere Volgari. ff. (200), opening leaf and final seven leaves supplied in facsimile. Lightly stained, previous owner’s marks. Modern limp vellum, slip-case. Sm. 8vo. Fano, Hieronymus (Gershom) Soncino, 1503. $600-900 ❧ Famed as a publisher of Biblical and rabbinic books in Hebrew, Soncino also issued works of Christian theology, Humanism and general Italian literature. In the present work, a new and magnificent humanist cursive typeface designed by Francesco Griffo of Bologna appears in an edition dedicated to Cesare Borgia, Machiavelli’s model of the new “prince.” Lot 195 Lot 196 philosophical and theological concerns, shining a light on the spiritual status of ff. (200), opening leaf and Lot 197