105 194 SOLOMON IBN ADRET. Four volumes of Chidushei HaRaShB”A [novellae to the Talmud]: * Chidushei Berachoth. ff. 47. * Chidushei Chulin. ff. 133 (i.e. 134). * Chidushei Gitin. ff. 133. * Chidushei Bava Bathra. Appended: Dina DeGarmei by Nachmanides. ff. 116. Four works printed on thicker paper and bound together into one volume. ALL FIRST EDITION. Signature on opening title. Some occasional staining, few minor marginal repairs, final page laid down, otherwise in bright condition. Modern full vellum. Housed in custom slip-case. Thick folio. [Vinograd, Venice 74-77.] Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1523. $15,000-20,000 ❧ “El Rab d’España” R. Solomon ibn Adret (c.1235-c.1310) of Barcelona, Catalonia, was a disciple of the cousins R. Jonah and R. Moses Nachmanides of Gerona. Following the departure of Nachmanides for the Land of Israel in the year 1267, Adret became the undisputed leader and spokesman of Spanish Jewry. His “chidushim” or Talmudic novellae to Tractates Berachoth, Chulin and Gitin, along with his teacher Nachmanides’ novellae to Bava Bathra, issued in the same year by Bomberg, remained the only chidushim from the school of Nachmanides to be published for roughly the next two centuries. A FINE, WIDE-MARGINED SET, WITH ALL WORKS BOUND HERE INTO A SINGLE VOLUME.