104 192 SHUAIB, JOSHUA IBN. Derashoth al HaTorah [sermons to the Pentateuch]. Second edition. Title within architectural arch. ff. 96. Light wear, trace stained and wormed, title repaired with stamps removed, previous owner’s marks. Modern blind-tooled mottled calf. Folio. [Vinograd, Cracow 37.] Cracow, Isaac Prostitz, 1573-75. $500-700 ❧ Ibn Shuaib lived in Spain in the first half of the 14th century and was a disciple of R. Solomon ibn Adret, (RaSHB”A) and later, teacher of R. Menachem ibn Zerach (author of Tzeidah LaDerech). The sermons of Ibn Shuaib are unique inasmuch as they are the only collection of sermons by a Rishon (medieval authority) that span the entire Pentateuch and cycle of the year. They were clearly written to be delivered before an audience, and only afterwards prepared for publication, as evidenced by both the homiletic style and reference to specific occasions. 193 SOLOMON BEN ISAAC (RASH’I). Pirush HaTorah VeChamesh Megiloth [commentary to the Pentateuch and Five Scrolls] Second issue (variant). Opening of each Book decorated with Zodiacal woodcuts. ff. 182 (of 191). Supplied in facsimile: ff. 1, 9, 185-191. Trimmed, browned and stained, wormed with loss of text in places. Modern crushed morocco with gilt dentelles. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Augsburg 5; M.N. Rosenfeld, Augsburg 41.] Augsburg, Chaim Schwarz, 1533. $5000-7000 ❧ COMPLETE COPIES OF THIS ESSENTIAL TEXT ARE ALMOST UNKNOWN. The Augsburg printer, Chaim (Shachor) Schwarz was among the pioneers of Hebrew printing outside of Italy. He had previously worked in Prague and was responsible for the issue of the famed Prague Hagadah of 1526. Lot 192 Lot 193