101 185 RAKKAH, MASSUD HAI BEN AARON. Ma’aseh Roke’ach [commentary to Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah]. FIRST EDITION. Intricate historiated title, featuring woodcut images of Moses, Aaron, angels and flowers. Wide margins. ff. (8) 286, (1). Lightly discolored, dampwrinkled. Modern calf-backed marbled boards. Folio. [Vinograd, Venice 1818.] Venice, Meir di Zara, 1742. $300-500 ❧ Born in Izmir, the author (1690-1768) studied under R. Haim Abulafia. Upon emigrating to Jerusalem, he was appointed one of the community’s charitable emissaries and spent several years traveling throughout North Africa as well as Italy. He later settled in Libya, where was appointed Chief Rabbi and opened a yeshiva in Tripoli. 186 RAPA, ABRAHAM MENACHEM HAKOHEN OF PORTO. Minchah Belulah [commentary to the Pentateuch]. FIRST EDITION. The initial word of each of the Five Books of Moses surrounded by a richly historiated vignette. Blank leaf signed by Clarence Isaac de Sola (leading Zionist in Montreal, 1858-1920) and also by Ya’acov Reifmann. A WIDE-MARGINED COPY. ff. 209. Title-page laid down, lightly stained in places, signed by censors. Modern blind-tooled chestnut morocco. 4to. [Vinograd, Verona 3.] Verona, Francesco delle Donne, 1594. $1000-1500 ❧ Whilst a young man, the author was apprenticed as a proofreader at the House of Bragadin in Venice. There he witnessed the violent burning of the Talmud pursuant to the Papal Bull of 1553. On f. 203r of the present work, Rapaport records the tragic event and notes his decision to commemorate the anniversary of the Auto-da-Fe as a personal fast-day for the rest of his life. See A. Yaari, Sereiphath HaTalmud BeItalia in: Mechkarei Sepher (1958) pp. 198-233. The author was the progenitor of the celebrated Rapaport dynasty of rabbinic scholars. The family coat-of-arms prominently placed on f. 207v includes a pair of Priestly hands raised in blessing and a black raven which refers to the Middle High German word ”rappe” - raven, seemingly, the German family name. Indeed, the author refers to himself in his introduction as Benei Ha’Orvim - “of the children of the ravens.” See Heller, The Sixteenth Century Hebrew Book, pp. 828-9. 187 ROPHÈ, JUDAH LEIB BEN JOSEPH. Kol Yehudah [sermons to the Book of Bereishith] FIRST EDITION. Title within architectural arch. ff. 74. Foxed, portion removed from lower margin of title. Modern calf. Sm. folio. [Vinograd, Prague 352.] Prague, Sons of Abraham Hida, 1641. $600-900 Lot 187 Lot 186 Lot 185