97 175 MÜNSTER, SEBASTIAN (Ed.) Chochmath HaMazaloth - Kalendarium Hebraicum. FIRST EDITION. Text in Hebrew and Latin. Printer’s device on title and repeated on verso of final leaf. Numerous woodcut astronomical illustrations. Historiated woodcut initials. Includes both foldout plates (between pp. 52-53 and pp. 116-117) found in only a few copies (cf. Prijs, Basle 24). pp. (8), 200, (16). Few light stains. Modern calf. 4to. [Vinograd, Basle 23; Mehlman 1871.] Basle, Johann Froben, 1527. $3000-5000 ❧ Important collection of Jewish astronomical, chronological and calendrical treatises, together with philosophical poems. 176 MÜNSTER, SEBASTIAN. Aruch HaSharoshoth - Dictionarim Hebraicum. FIRST EDITION. Printer’s device on opening and closing pages. Signature of Herman Schevenhausius (1622) on title-page. Few marginal notes. pp. (48) 525, (3). Some dampstaining. Modern calf. 8vo. [Vinograd, Basle 11; Prijs, Basle 14.] Basle, Johann Froben, 1523. $1000-1500 ❧ First edition of Münster’s celebrated Hebrew dictionary which went through five editions in the author’s own lifetime (1488- 1552). 177 MÜNSTER SEBASTIAN. Dikduk DeLishan Arami o HaKasda’ah- Chaldaica Grammatica. FIRST EDITION. Title and text in Hebrew and Latin. Initials richly historiated. On p.14, “Indian” alphabet. On p.18 wayber-taytsch and Rashi script. On final page, printer’s device. pp. (8), 212, (4). Discolored. Later vellum. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Basle 22.] Basle, J. Froben, 1527. $400-600 ❧ Includes several selected passages from Aramaic Targums with Latin translation face `a face (pp. 142-51). Also contains a glossary of Aramaic terms (pp. 161-87) and abbreviations (rashei teivoth) (pp. 188-212). Lot 176 Lot 175