91 166 MOSES BEN MAIMON (MAIMONIDES / RaMBa”M). Moreh Nevuchim [“Guide for the Perplexed”]. * WITH: Moses Provencal. Biur Inyan Shnei Kavim [dissertation on the Theorem of Apollonius] Third edition. With commentaries by Shem Tov, Ephodi and ibn Crescas. Title within garlanded architectural columns. Few marginal notes in Hebrew and in English. ff. (14), 174, (2). Lower corner of title repaired, lightly stained in places, few neat marginal repairs, signature on title. Modern blind-tooled polished calf. Folio. [Vinograd, Sabbioneta 8.] Sabbioneta, Cornelio Adelkind for Tobias Foa, 1553. $1500-2500 ❧ Exhibited by the Pierpont Morgan Library, see their catalogue: Hebraica from the Valmadonna Trust (1989) no. 33. The Guide for the Perplexed is undoubtedly the most celebrated Jewish philosophical text - and by far the most influential. The final work of Maimonides (1135-1204), it was completed c. 1185 and is the main source of the Rambam’s philosophical views. Due to its Aristotelian leanings, the Moreh Nevuchim had a turbulent history fraught with controversy, both within and beyond the Jewish community. Tragically - and obviously due to other motivations - the work was publicly burned by the Dominicans in Paris, 1232. It is said that R. Jonah Gerondi, one of those who agitated for the banning of Moreh Nevuchim, later journeyed to Maimonides’ tomb in Eretz Israel to beg forgiveness. 167 MOSES BEN MAIMON (MAIMONIDES / RaMBa”M). Masechta Avoth [commentary to Ethics of the Fathers, with text]. With commentaries by Maimonides and Rashi. Including Maimonides’ introduction, Shemoneh Perakim. Second edition of Maimonides’ commentary. Title within woodcut architectural border. ff. (24). Closely trimmed, lightly shaved. Modern morocco. Folio. [Vinograd, Mantua 65.] Mantua, Meir b. Ephraim & Jacob Cohen of Gazollo for G. Ruffinelli, 1560. $1200-1500 ❧ A complete Ethics of the Fathers with title-page stating such, nonetheless the volume is foliated ff. 67-88 and with the final page, following Avoth, with Yotzroth prayers. For creative commercial purposes, the printers extracted the text from their Machzor of 1557-60, issuing Avoth here as a separate entity. For the complete Machzor, see lot 145. Lot 167 Lot 166