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Auction 72: March 16th, 2017

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Lot: 76 (CHASSIDISM). Schneur Zalman of Liadi. Sepher Likutei Amarim [“Tanya”]. With Igereth HaTeshuvah. Sixth edition. FIRST REVISED EDITION OF IGERETH HA'TESHUVAH . Printed on green tinted paper. ff. (4), 5-95,(1); (1), 2-18. Previous owner's stamps, few neat marginal repairs. Modern calf. 8vo. Vinograd, Shklov 142; Mondschein, Sepher HaTanya-Bibliography, pp. 50-57; Y. Rivkind, Sepher HaYovel - Marx (1943) pp. 37-8; H. Liberman, Ohel Rache'l Vol. I, Hadephus Ha'Ivri BeShklov, p. 188, no. 111.

Baruch ben Eliyahu & Yitzchak ben Samuel, Shklov: 1806. Est: $15,000 - $18,000

-Igereth HaTeshuvah is the third section of the Alter Rebbe's Tanya. This edition differs radically from the original version of the Igereth HaTeshuvah that originally appeared in Zolkiew in 1799 (see Kestenbaum Auction 49, lot 80). Indeed, Chassidim refer to the Zolkiew edition as the first draft: "Igereth HaTeshuvah Mahadura Kama." The title-page of the present edition states that it has been revised with "improved language and additional explanations." Two issues of the Igereth HaTeshuvah appeared in 1806. The first was the present work which contained all three parts of the Tanya, a second version was an independent issue of the Igereth HaTeshuvah exclusively correcting errors.
     The present rare edition contains a new approbation endorsed by three rabbis including R. Baruch b. Yehudah, the Maggid of Shklov, who was a "great opponent" of Chassidism (Mondschein p. 50 no. 2). There are variants of the last page of the introduction. This copy corresponds to the facsimile on Mondschein p. 53.

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